Interpret from anywhere to anywhere. Offer your skills, we'll bring the demand to you. You'll get a fair pay, with no middle-man.


We're currently offering Youpret interpretation service with the following languages: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Dari, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kinyaruanda, Kurdish(Kurmanji, Sorani), Nepali, Macedonian, Pashto, Persian(Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Tigrinya, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek and Vietnamese. The so-called parent language, that being the language interpreted from, is Finnish. We intend on broadening our Youpret service after Finland to encompass all of Europe. The interpreting service offered is your average interpreting work. We do not offer simultaneous interpretation nor do we offer translation of documents.

New languages will be brought to Youpret soon. If you speak Finnish and any other language, tell us about yourself on our Compensation and job description page.


You influence the quality of your work and how much you earn by doing a good job. The better your are, the better feedback you get from your customers. Our digital system prioritizes and chooses interpreters with the help of our feedback system. The more stars you have, the more job offers you'll get. Our system is fair: no face pictures, personal recommendations or any other kind of favoritism. The feedback given by your customers is what makes the difference!


For every job started a minimum fee is charged. That being the case, even short interpretation gigs make for more merits. Because of our hourly pay you can earn a normal monthly salary with less time spent actually working if you're often available and you collect good feedback from your customers. Youpret is a service of exchanges. By that we mean we want supply and demand to meet. We take the bounty from exchange services and leave most of the paid fee to the interpreter. For that reason our paid wages are fair and give you the opportunity to do your job for a good pay in proportion to the time spent working. You can commit to your job however you want: be available often or for a limited time only. By leaving us your contact information with our Compensation and job description form you'll receive from us specific details on wages, how they are paid and reporting.

Earn up to over 60 € per hour

Compensation and job description


You can interpret either as your primary job or as a side job. Thanks to our digital service you can work regardless of where you live and work however you wish to: at home in sweatpants, at the office or on a trip. All that matters is that you are on the other end of a working telephone and you do your job following ethical rules. With our interpretation services the interpreter always calls the customer. That being the case, the interpreter is the one who deals with telephone charges. If you find yourself doing a lot of interpreting gigs, you'll want to keep this in mind with your telephone contract.

As one of the first to join our team, you'll also be one of the first collecting good feedback for yourself.


We require all of our interpreters to have the skills needed to do this job. Interpreters are divided into two groups: everyday interpreters, who deal with everyday matters, and professional interpreters, who handle official matters. Both types of interpreters need to present us with a CV containing job experience, education and recommendations. Every interpreter called to an interview will also perform an sample interpretation in a client situation, which can be either real or set up.


You can join us for free. We don't deduct beginner charges. Merits are paid monthly. When you leave us your contact information with the Compensation and job description form, we'll send you precise information regarding merits, their payment and reporting.

Join us! Here's what the process looks like.

  1. Send us an application: Interpretation professionals go through applications and choose interviewees.
  2. Interview and sample interpretation by phone: We interview applicants by phone. You get to show us your skills in a real or set up situation.
  3. Interpreter job: An accepted work sample allows you to work as either an everyday interpreter or a professional interpreter. If you want to work as both, that is also possible.
  4. Youpret orientation: We show our interpreters how to use our Youpret interface. After the orientation you will be registered as an interpreter and you can begin to start your gigs. On-line: Click yourself on-line and round up your first clients: in Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Kitee, Vaasa, anywhere in Finland!
  5. On-line: Click yourself on-line and round up your first clients: in Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Kitee, Vaasa, anywhere in Finland!

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