The story behind Youpret

We revolutionize communication between people. Speak and your voice will be heard!

Understanding one another is the first step in interaction with people. Communication makes up the basic foundation of tolerance, friendship, business and understanding the actions of others. When you get to speak your own language, you say what you want to say, not what you know how to say.

Youpret was born out of the desire to help and take care of matters in a manner as least complicated as possible. Kurdish Ali Giray, who came to Finland from Turkey as a refugee, found himself due to pratical reasons with no choice but to work as an interpreter for his parents, friends and eventually even for total strangers. He saw with his own eyes how life can come to a halt because of the smallest and most insignifcant things if there is no common language between speakers. In time Ali became the owner of an interpretation company. Over the entire duration of his entrepreneurship he has had a burning desire to help parties understand one another. Youpret was born when Ali was searching for a solution to distant interpreting. By combining knowledge of applications and business with two other companies, Youpret was born.

Youpret brings interpretation services within grabbing reach of all people big and small. When you order our service on the internet, an interpreter will call you within minutes. There has never before been a service on the market like Youpret. Interpretation has been handled thus far by organizing, which is based on booking appointments, piecing together schedules and traveling from one place to the next. This is expensive and for that reason unattainable to many consumer groups.

We wish to revolutionize communication between people. Youpret is a huge opportunity for those who understand how significant of a benefit easily and immediately accessible, simple communication brings to the table in regards to handling matters, doing business and customer service, both to workplaces and to the public sector. It saves resources because time is spent speaking. It minimizes misunderstandings and fumbling around, which at the end of the day makes for saving both time and money. It makes communication faster and allows things to move smoothly forward.

Youpret also revolutionizes the costs of interpreting. Customers pay only for the time spent interpreting. Not for travel costs and time, because Youpret's interpreters don't travel anywhere. Not for waiting, because interpreters and customers are free to do anything else until the assignment goes through. Youpret is also fair: we pay the lion's share of the customer's paid fee to the interpreter. In this way interpreters can earn quite a good amount of money even with the shortest of interpretation gigs.

We do away with the old approach and bring to light a new possibility where the seed of tolerance and equality grows. We believe in the law of supply and demand – a good and cost-effective services will find its users from the web.

Let your speech blossom in your own language! Youpret – get the point!