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Find new customers. Transcend the language barrier and sell more.

Finland is becoming more and more international day by day. In every city you can find people visiting or living there, whose home language is all Greek to the majority of Finns, sometimes literally. In the eyes of your business, a foreign language is either a difficulty or a possibility depending entirely on your stance on the issue.

A possibility is always a nice place to start from. Businesses that see foreign language speakers as consumers and new customers are already hiring staff that can speak those languages. When demand is big enough, a business may have a language proficiency requirement of, for example, "good Finnish, fluent Russian." There are however many, many languages and planning shifts for language proficient staff makes for its own challenges.

Better customer service – more sales

Youpret opens the door to better customer service, content customers and good sales. Interpretation services are accessible for all salespersons and customer service representatives within the business, flexibly and as needed. Just think about what kind of benefit it is for your company if you are able to offer service in many languages regardless of the language proficiency of your staff on the job at that particular moment! Try testing out what kind of sales flood you get for your bank or insurance services, housing market or normal consumer sales!

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Unleash the full potential of your staff. Say what you want to say in your staff member's own language.

When job orientation is done well, the end result is a job well done. Job safety instructions and rules get followed when you understand why and how. The less misunderstandings and errors that are born, the faster things move forward. Time is money for workplaces – the decreased amount of errors and accidents can be concretely seen in the form of smaller costs.

With the help of Youpret job orientation or at least part of it can be done in your employee's own language. We all know that interpretation into your employee's own language is 100 times more effective than bad English. In the worst case scenario neither person even knows bad English!

The global world moves people from one culture or country to the next. Hard-working and professional people are up for grabs for those employers who wish to seize the opportunity. If you want to flexibly transcend the language barrier, start using our service. The account is accessible to all persons in need of interpretation services in your company. Youpret is also available to companies offering agency work.

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Take care of your interpretation immediately and pay only for the time spent interpreting. No putting things off for weeks at a time, no travel fees.

Interpretation services are need in the public sector for all kinds of different situations. Youpret offers a cost-effective option to the public sector in which all extra costs are done away with and all that is paid for is the job performed. Our estimate is that, in the best of cases, you can minimize your interpretation costs by tens of percent figures as you pay only for the time spent interpreting and not for the cost of waiting or traveling.

Money isn't the only question when it comes to interpreting. Another big question involves handling people's issues as efficiently as possible. As organizing an interpretation is usually one big complicated puzzle, it's common that the handling of issues is bundled together. By that we mean that questions both big and small are gathered altogether and all issues are handled when the interpreter arrives to the scene. This slows down the progress of issues, makes for higher costs in the public budget and, not to mention, is frustrating.

With the help of Youpret you can take care of small interpretation gigs quick and flexibly. Public entities have the opportunity to forge a service contract. The account is accessible to all persons in need of interpretation services in the municipality or in any particular company.

If you work for a municipality, federation of municipalities or in any other public organization and you find yourself battling economic challenges, get acquainted with Youpret.

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When things get long, the often also get complicated. Take care of your issues right away on both sides and get on with your day-to-day life.

Immigrants are guaranteed the right to interpretation based on certain principles. Interpretation services are however not always available at the exact moment you need them. If you don't understand what you hear or read, you can't take care of your matters. Unfinished business is usually expensive and it causes uncertainty and dissatisfaction and holds up different parties.

Sometimes your own help is better than waiting several days or weeks. Life can come to a halt because of even the smallest thing. Getting a job can take longer than necessary and founding a company can take a backseat. Sometimes an emergency situation can pop up all of a sudden in the form of a doctor's visit or accident.

Try out the Youpret interpretation service if you want to take care of your matters quicker or if you need interpretation immediately. Our services are intended for handling everyday issues, for example in shops, pharmacies or at the doctor. For these you can order an everyday interpreter. If you need help with official issues, for example with authority figures, you should order a professional interpreter.

Using Youpret is easy as pie! Create an account and start your interpretation! Try it out!


What the heck is he saying? I don't understand a thing...

Every person finds themselves in situations in their lives in which, despite a good understanding of the language, they aren't understood. Sometimes you can simply shrug your shoulders and say sorry, I don't understand. There are however situations in which you really want your issue resolved.

Youpret is a so-called "low threshold" service that makes interpretation possible for all people. Maybe you're a tourist and want to ask for directions or understand the contents of a traveling service. Maybe you're in an emergency situation abroad in an accident or at the doctor. Maybe you're doing business with a speaker of a foreign language. Or maybe you're asking out on a date that special someone who's fallen into your life.

Using Youpret is easy as pie! Create an account and start your interpretation! Try it out!