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Youpret offers flexible work. A phone, Youpret's smart app and a quiet space are all you need to interpret. You decide when you want to do interpreting work, and we arrange assignments for you for the fairest compensation on the market.

Interpreted languages - native language is Finnish or Swedish

We are one of the largest interpreting companies in Finland. Currently, interpretation is offered in more than 100 languages through the Youpret service.

Skilled and diligent - more work

At Youpret, you directly affect the quality of work and earnings by doing good work. Good work includes compliance with professional ethics and punctuality.

Our digital system sends interpretation offers to all interpreters 24/7. The more diligently you follow the application, the more interpretations you will receive.

The price and merits of interpreting

Youpret is an intermediary service. We forward the interpreter's information to the customer who needs interpretation. We offer both minute-based quick interpretations and appointment interpretations at a fixed price. In addition, we also provide interpretations that require special expertise, such as presence interpretations and legal interpretations at a fixed, higher price.

Thanks to our intelligent system, the costs involved in providing the interpretation are low, and thanks to this, the interpreter receives a fair compensation for the work. Compensation for performed interpretations is paid at the end of the following month.

Interpreting often works so that the interpreter calls the customer. The interpreter is therefore responsible for possible call costs. If you do a lot of interpreting, you should consider this in your subscription agreement.

Earn up to more than €60 / hour!

Interpreting expertise - we are looking for a professional

We require each interpreter to have either skills appropriate to the task, training in the field of interpreting, or previous official interpreting experience. If you do not have training in the field of interpreting or official work experience, you can apply to be an interpreter by attaching the YKI test or a copy of a degree in another field completed in Finland to the application. Applicants will be invited to a telephone interview if the application meets our minimum requirements for interpreters.

Apply to join Finland's fairest interpreter agency!

Come with! This is how the process goes.

1. Send an application using the form below: Interpreting professionals will process the applications and inform you whether you will be selected for the next stage

  • Resume / CV (link to instructions for a good resume)
  • A copy of the diploma in interpreting
  • YKI- test
  • Copy of diplomas of other degrees

2. Interview: We interview applicants by phone or video interview.

3. Agreement and orientation: After the interview, Youpret signs a service brokerage agreement with the approved interpreters and instructs the interpreters to use the Youpret application. After the instructions, your interpreter ID will be activated and you can start interpreting.

4. Interpreting: Log into the application and take on your first interpreting adventure!