Interpret from anywhere to anywhere. Provide your expertise, we bring you demand. With fair compensation, without intermediaries.

At present, interpretation is provided in more than 70 languages ​​through the Youpret service. At present, the main language is always Finnish. Our goal is to expand the Youpret service beyond Finland to cover the whole of Europe. The interpreting service provided is normal remote interpreting work.

We are constantly expanding Youpret's range of languages. If you speak Finnish or any other language, please let us know Compensation and job description

Earn up to over 60 € / h

Hardworking and skilled - More work

The better you are, the better the feedback you get from your customers. Our digital system prioritizes and selects interpreters through a feedback system. The better your rating, the more job offers you get. The system is fair: no peer scores, no personal recommendations or other favouritism. It's the feedback from your customers that counts!

Interpretation price and earnings

We offer both minute-based instant interpreting and appointment-based interpreting with a minimum time reservation. Our hourly rate allows you to earn a normal monthly salary for less work if you are readily available and collect good customer feedback. Youpret is an agency service. That means we want to make supply and demand meet. We take a commission for brokerage services and leave most of the compensation for the work to the person who does it. That's why our fees are fair and allow us to do the work for a good compensation in relation to the time. You can commit to the work as you wish: be available frequently or for a limited period. Leave your contact details on the compensation and job description form Compensation and job description and we can arrange a telephone interview with you, during which you will receive detailed information on compensation, payment and reporting.

Earn up to over 60 € / h

Anywhere - Anytime

Thanks to the digital service, you can work wherever you are and however you want: at home in your tracksuit, in the office or on the road. The main thing is that you are connected to a working telephone line and that you interpret according to the professional ethics of interpreters. Interpreting often works by the interpreter calling the client. Any telephone costs are therefore paid by the interpreter. If you do a lot of interpreting, you should take this into account in your subscription contract.

By being one of the first to join, you will be one of the first to get good feedback.

Interpreting skills - we are looking for a professional

We expect that each interpreter posesses the skills required for the job, either from training in interpreting or through previous formal interpreting experience. Candidates are required to send a CV, indicating professional experience, education and references. Please also send us your diplomas from any training courses you have completed. Applicants will be invited to a telephone interview if their application meets our minimum requirements for interpreters.

Join at no cost - either work as a freelancer or bill through your company

You can join for free. We do not charge an initial fee. Compensations are paid monthly. By leaving your contact information on the form Compensation and job description we will send you detailed information about the compensations, their payment and reporting.

Come along! This is how the process works.

1. Submit the application: Interpretation professionals will process the applications and select the interviewees

2. Interview: We will interview applicants by phone. You will be able to show your skills in a real or staged situation.

3. Contract and orientation: after the interview, Youpret will sign a service contract with the approved interpreters and instruct them on how to use the Youpret system. Once you have received the instructions, you will be registered as an interpreter and can start working.

4. On-line: Click yourself online and receive your first customer: at Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Kitee, Vaasa or anywhere in Finland!

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