Youpret's story

We're revolutionizing communication between people. Talk and get your message across!

Understanding the other is the beginning of something. Communication is the basis for understanding tolerance, friendship, trade, and ways of doing things. When you get to speak your own language, you get to say what you want, not what you know.

Youpret was born out of a desire to help and find things as straightforward as possible. Kurdish Ali Giray, who came to Finland as a refugee from Turkey, was forced to act as an interpreter for his parents, friends and eventually strangers. He saw how life could stop because If there was no common language, Ali became the owner of an interpreting company. Throughout his entrepreneurial spirit, he has had a burning desire to help the parties understand each other.

The Youpret app makes interpretation services available to everyone. When you order online, the interpreter will call you back in a few minutes. A service like Youpret has never been available before. This is expensive and therefore costly for many user groups.

We want to revolutionize communication between people. Youpret is a great opportunity for actors who understand the benefits of uncomplicated and easily and immediately available communication for business, commerce and customer service, the workplace and the public sector. It saves resources because time is spent talking. It reduces misunderstandings and fuss, which ultimately saves time and money. It enables faster communication and a smoother flow of things.

Youpret also revolutionizes the cost of interpretation. The client only pays for the interpretation time used. No travel expenses and time because the Youpret interpreter does not travel anywhere. No waiting time because the interpreter and the client are free to do anything else until the assignment arrives. Youpret is also fair: it pays the lion's share of the client's salary to the interpreter, so even shorter interpretations can earn a fair salary.

We are breaking the old operating model and providing an opportunity where the seed of tolerance and equivalence is sprouting. We believe in the law of supply and demand - a good and cost-effective service can find its users online.

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