Youpret's story

We're revolutionizing communication between people. Speak and get your message across!

Understanding other people is the foundation of meaningful interactions. Communications is the basis for fostering tolerance, friendship, trade, and our actions. When you express yourself in your own language, you have the freedom to communicate your thoughts and feelings precisely while not being limited by what you can say.

Born in Turkey, Kurdish refugee Ali Giray found himself forced to act as an interpreter for his parents, friends, and eventually strangers upon arriving in Finland. In these situations he witnessed how language barriers could bring life to a halt if no common language was found. Out of his desire to help other people, his passion for accessibility and a thrive for simplicity - he founded the interpretation company, Youpret.

The Youpret app makes interpretation services accessible to all. By placing an order for an interpreter online, users can expect a callback in a matter of minutes. This type of service has never been available before due to its high cost, which limited its accessibility to various user groups.

We want to revolutionize communication between people.

Youpret offers a huge opportunity for those who recognize the advantages of seamless and readily available communication in business, commerce, customer service, the workplace, and the public sector. When there is no need for travel expenses, resources are being saved for all parties. Additionally this enables faster communication and an easier access to interpretations. Youpret also revolutionizes the cost of interpretation as clients only pay for the actual time spent on it.

From the interpretators perspective, Youpret upholds fairness by allocating a significant portion of the client's payment to the interpreter and thus ensuring that even shorter interpretations offer a fair salary.

As a company, we are breaking away from traditional operating models and providing an environment where tolerance and equality can flourish. We believe in the law of supply and demand - a good and cost-effective service will find its users online.

Now, let's hear your thoughts and feelings in your own language!

Youpret – we speak the same language