The fairest operator in the interpreting industry

We want to use our services to help people in disadvantaged positions. We also offer interpreting work, thereby providing the opportunity to be an important part of Finnish society.

Our vision is clear: An equal world where language is not a barrier to understanding each other.

Priorities for sustainability

We want to effect change for the better in our society. In particular, we influence through the following stakeholders.

   Inclusive and diverse work community
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We are a workplace where diversity is valued and where everyone can be completely themselves. According to an employee survey, our workers appreciate Youpret’s team spirit, equal treatment, opportunities for contribution and development, our own technology and the meaningfulness of the work.

As a concrete measure, we provide jobs and internships for people who otherwise have difficulty finding them (for example, immigrants and the long-term unemployed.)

We actively promote diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout the entire Youpret community for example with recruitment, training, Youpret Academy, as well as employee and culture handbooks.

  The role and significance of interpreters in society

We offer job opportunities to everyone, regardless of ethnic background, gender or other personal factors. Our technology enables us to share interpreting assignments effortlessly.

We make the meaningful work done by interpreters more visible and valued. We are leading the way by developing new standards for better working conditions across the entire field of interpreting.

As concrete measures, we have organized job placement training programs through which dozens of international talents have found a job. We pay interpreters’ fees fairly and transparently.

We have developed our own Youpret Academy learning application, where our interpreters can enhance their knowledge about the interpretation field and related topics for free. We will provide more details about the work of interpreters later this year.

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   A chance for everyone to live a life they want
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We help everyone arriving in Finland find their role in Finnish society. Being understood plays a key role in integration and in fulfilling basic human needs. Our interpreters help people say what they want, not just what they can.

We meet people fleeing from crises, and assist them with the basics of everyday situations. For us, the humane encounter with another person is always the most important thing.

Finnish companies need international talent, therefore successful integration of people is important for Finland’s competitiveness.

We carry out over a thousand interpreting assignments every day, interpreting in more than 100 languages. We have also trained mental health interpreters who specialize in interpreting for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Explore our culture

We have compiled key principles of our cultural practices in our cultural handbook. With this handbook, you can learn more about how we strive to create a better working life and a fairer society for all of us.

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We have applied for the B Corp certification

We are pleased to announce that we have sent the B Corp certification application forms on their way!

B Corp is a global certification that inspects the entire business operations of a company (governance, employees, customers, community, and environment).

Commitments and partnerships

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Commitments and partnerships
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Any ideas or comments?

If you have any suggestions for improvements related to Youpret’s sustainability, please contact Nea so we can discuss further!

nea kolmonen

Nea Kolmonen

Marketing and communications manager


Nea works at Youpret as the marketing and communications manager. In her role she particularly enjoys collaborating with colleagues, interpreters, customers, partners, and influencers, as well as developing the company’s sustainability and creating useful content. Nea is a mother of three daughters, an avid sports fan and skiing on spring snow.