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Through us you get a telephone connection to experienced professional interpreters for the language khmer. Our interpreters are professionals and follow the professional regulations of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

You can easily order an interpreter using the form below or by calling
040 189 8688.

The price of remote interpreting for a language khmer

  • Interpreter appointment: 66 € / hour + VAT 24%.
  • Interpreter on the phone immediately: 2 € / starting minute + VAT 24%.

No fixed costs. You only pay for the time spent on interpretation.

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Vacancies: khmer interpreter

khmer interpreter. We're constantly looking for more khmer language interpreters ( - khmer - ). You can do interpreting either as a main job or as a side job.

Interpreter's salary: khmer kielen interpreter

compensation and job description The form will send you detailed information about the fees, their payment and reporting.