Getting Started Guide

It's easy to get started. We'll create IDs for your business and user in less than five minutes.

There are two options for commissioning:

  • Single Sign On - single sign-on with work email.
  • Youpret username and password

Interpretations are invoiced to the organization as a consolidated invoice once a month by electronic invoicing. The customer can view the generated charges from their own reporting view.

You need a working mobile phone for interpretation.

Is interpretation available in my language?

Interpreters are currently available in languages albanian, amharic, aramaic, arabic, arabic (egypt), arabic (iraq), arabic (north-africa), arabic (sudan), arabic (syria), arabic (yemen), armenian, azerbaijani, bemba, bengali, berber, berber(kabyl), bosnian, bulgarian, burmese, cantonese, catalan, chechen, chewa (nyanja), croatian, czech, dari, dhatki, dutch, english, estonian, french, finnish, fula / fulani, fur, georgian, german, greek, gusii, hebrew, hindi, hungarian, igbo, ingush, italian, japanese, karenni (kayah), kazakh, khmer, kiga, kikongo/kituba, kikuyu, kinyaruanda, kinyamulenge, kirundi, komi, korean, kurdish (badini), kurdish (feyli), kurdish (gorani), kurdish (kurmandži turkey), kurdish (kurmandži syria), kurdish (kalhori), kurdish (kermanshahi), kurdish (laki), kurdish (shekak), kurdish (sorani), lari, latvian, lingala, lithuanian, macedonia, mandarin chinese, mandinka, mari (tšeremissi), marwari, namwanga, nepali, nkore / nyankole, norwegian (bokmål), padaung karen (kayan), pashto, persian/farsi, portuguese, polish, punjabi, rohingya, romania, russian, serbian, sindhi, sinhala, slovak, somali, spanish, swahili, swedish, tagalog / filipino, tajiki, tamili, thai, tigrinya, turkish, turkmen, udmurt, ukrainian, urdu, uyghur, uzbek, vietnamese, wolof and yoruba.

We are constantly looking for new interpreters for different languages.

How do reviews work?

After each interpretation call, the user is asked to leave a star rating for the success of the interpretation. You can rate the interpretation from 1 to 5 and leave an open comment in the text field.

Rating allows Youpret to guarantee the best possible experience for clients and interpreters. Interpreter overall rating is the average of all user ratings and the system prioritizes the best rated interpreters by assigning them more interpretations.

If the interpretation went smoothly, give the interpreter five stars. If there was something to correct in the interpretation, you can leave a suitable grade and comment in the comments field. Your review will be forwarded to the interpreter anonymously.

How do I cancel an interpretation request?

Before interpreting, you can cancel the interpretation request by pressing Cancel.

For scheduled interpretations, you can easily cancel the interpretation request from your own application or browser on the Upcoming Appointments tab.

How does Youpret handle payment?

Youpret Oy's payment system delivers a transparent and real-time payment report to each user. Youpret settles the funds for the interpreters for each interpretation and provides the interpreters with a report on the interpretations that took place during the month.

  • 1. Customers pay for the interpretation to Youpret.
  • 2. Youpret pays interpreting commissions to interpreters on a monthly basis.

How is the price of interpretation determined?

Your pay for instant interpretation is based on its duration. Open the price list: Price list

Instant Interpreter 2.00 €/ starting minute or by agreement.*
Appointed Interpreter 66.00 €/ hour or by agreement.*

* Prices do not include VAT.

Where can I find receipts for my interpretation calls?

You will receive a receipt in your email.

Where can I find a summary of my interpretations?

All Youpret interpretations and reports can be found in Youpret and the browser. Easy and transparent!

Where can I see my interpretation history?

After logging in, you can browse the interpretation history on the Interpretations page.

Who gets to know my phone number?

Youpret needs the customer's phone number to successfully authenticate the user and provide the interpretation. The phone number is only visible to interpreters who contact the customer by calling or video. We do not share user information with third parties.

I forgot my password.

You can change your forgotten password at any time from Youpret's website and here. You will receive a link in your email to change your password to a new one.

The password reset link does not work. / I did not receive a password reset email.

Contact our customer service either via or call +358 45 668 8113.
Youpret's customer service and technical support are available 24 hours a day.

My account has an unknown charge. / Multiple similar charges.

Contact our customer service either via or call +358 45 668 8113.
Youpret's customer service and technical support are available 24 hours a day.

Something went wrong during the interpretation?

Contact our customer service either via or call +358 45 668 8113.
Youpret's customer service and technical support are available 24 hours a day.