Interpretation price

The price of the interpretation will be charged according to the time reserved or per minute, depending on the urgency of the order.

We also offer our customers a free application for use with a computer browser or mobile device. The application makes it even easier to order an interpreter.

It is not necessary to use the application. You can also order an interpreter by calling or sending an e-mail.

Contact a professional interpreter by making an appointment via the form or by telephone.


0 € / month

  • Application
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Deployment
  • Operation guidance
  • Phone Support
  • Reports

Contact us and order free user accounts for your business. No opening fees or recurring fixed costs.

Instant Interpreter

2 € / starting min

  • Experienced professional interpreters.
  • Security-cleared interpreters available.
  • Remote connection by phone or video.

Interpreters available for more than 70 languages ​​immediately.

Call +358 45 668 8113 and order an interpreter.


66 € / h

You can make an appointment with an interpreter using the form on the website or by calling.

Make an appointment or call

+358 45 668 8113.

alk. 75 € / h

  • Tulkki paikan päälle.
  • Räätälöity tulkkausosaaminen eritarpeisiin.

Soita ja pyydä tarjous

+358 45 668 8113.